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In porn, the world of trannies has his stars, queens able to gather fans from all over the world. Also in this field, Pink’o has an exclusive business relationship with the master of this genre: Andrea Nobili

He created characters, he was able to give an imprinting recognisable since his first framings and he succeded to improve a unique style that is now the envy of the world ( and that for example in the United Sates it’s more and more demanded) . We are talking about the director Andrea Nobili, undisputed king of the Tranny genre, made of so famous stars that they have an audience of fans scattered all over the globe. In Italy the combination trannies and high quality movies has only one name and it’s that of Nobili. Pinko has an exclusive business relationship with the director, who in the last years has discovered and launched talents whose names are Tiffany, Melissa Pozzi till Raphaella Ferrari a superstar all over the world (Super top tranny!). To have an idea of what we are talking about, you just have to visit www.pinkotgirls.com to realise that this is the only web site where you can find the best that the shemale market can offer.

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