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The careful attention to every detail. The perfect photography and the shooting in the highest definition. And a lot of sex with Malena, Laura Fiorentino, Christie Dom, Mary Rider..the most popular pornstars of the moment!

The make-up artist puts the finishing touches. The director of photography checks the lights. Mike Angelo is ready for the usual shots. Nake , he’s waiting for the actress for the pics taken for the movie cover. Being on a Pink’o set is really an amazing experience, as Malena recently said. You breath the mood of the big productions where nothing is left to chance and the careful attention for every little detail makes the difference. The Italian pornstars know this very well, and this is the reason why they decide to work only with Pink’O. Every individual working on the set is a great professional and in the end you can see the result. The new Pink’o production that you will see soon togerther with all other scenes in exlusive on , see as stars the most populan Italian Pornstars of the moment, from Laura Fiorentino, amazing creature with her sensual beauty and her determined spirit ( “what I don’t like? To be the second one in everything I do” ) to Christie Dom, one of the most loved and followed Italian Milf of the moment and then Mary Rider with her overwhelming erotic charge and last but not least the top star of the moment: Malena. The actors? The best that the international market can offer: beside the already told Mike Angelo, Marco Nero, Capitano Eric, Andrews and the talented Luca Ferrero! The new Pink’O will be soon available here:

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