Amandha Fox, Contract Girl 2016 Pinko!

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It was already clear that something was in the air. For years, Italy’s number-one sweetheart Amandha Fox and Rudy Franca had been trying to meet up, they’d been courting each other, and they’d even briefly tried filming together, when Pinko commissioned a few short scenes featuring Amandha from Neapolitan director Max Bellocchio.

Then, when he produced “Love il Belvedere”, filmed from start to finish in Positano and a coproduction with Francis Miskind’s French studio Blue One, Rudy Franca had absolutely no doubts about casting Amandha in the starring role.


And from here the next step was small and inevitable, with the decision that the time had come to sign her up with an exclusive contract. The exact details of the agreement are top-secret, but we’ve heard it covers a lot of ground, and is for a very important figure.

The directors due to be working with her are among the best on the Italian and international panorama.

Amandha Fox is also the Queen of the Web with her site, where her devotees follow her every day, together with her social network presence, and in particular on Facebook.


We asked Rudy Franca for his comments on this new artistic collaboration: “Pinko has always stood out with its Pinkogirls, and Amandha guarantees us professionalism, passion, the will to work hard and above all her explosive eroticism and breathtaking sensuality, quite definitely unique among contemporary Italian actresses. Sure, there are lots of lovely pornstars in Italy, but the Pinkogirls were already the most splendid years ago, and we were lucky to have got the best from them while they were young. But Amandha did things the other way round, because it was only after being an iconic celebrity on Italy’s sexy nightlife scene for several years, building up an ardent following of fans, that she decided to take her career further by becoming a pornstar. So with her she brings all the freshness and enthusiasm of a beginner, but with all the experience of a famous sex star.”


We called Amandha for a short chat: “I can’t wait to start work. I won’t say I haven’t already had several exclusive contract offers, but to be honest I only want the best, quite simply because I am the best. And that was why I chose Pinko. When I met Rudy Franca I realized at once that he only wanted me… not just any pornstar… but Amandha Fox!”

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