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From the scenes by Centoxcento to the “hot” nights in the Italian clubs, Lena is never going to be satisfied. And she admits the more the men are the more I have fun…”

She doesn’t hide behind her curvy body. “ I’m not the common skinny woman, but…I understood that men loves women with some meat on more than the thin ones and they like me as I am!” She’s exuberant by nature, Lena in all ways, both for her body and for her character. From the scenes by Centoxcento with Alex Magni to the “hot” nights in the clubs all around in Italy, the pornstar Lena loves most of all the gang bang and she admits with no problem “the more the men are the more I have fun and it seems that they also a lot of fun with me! “ Her sympathy conquered her fans, which are more and more and follow her everywhere both on the social networks and on the hard scenes that you enjoy in exclusive,thanks to Pink’O, on www.centoxcentovod.com and www.centoxcento.net and from today also on the new site all dedicated to “Milfs” : www.milfamore.com

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