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…and with her curvy body does not go unotified! From the show “Ciao Darwin” to “ Top Secret” till to the Pink’O set, the portrait of a woman to whom no man can say “no”.

“I’m aware I have a curvy body that intimidates less brave men. So i conquer them in this two ways: I submit the most shy ones with my role of mistress and I seduce the strongest ones with my erotic charge” This is what told us Christie Dom an exuberant woman not only for her body, but also for her mind. This begs the next question: so no one dare to tell you “no”? “ Can I be honest? Hardly anyone” She has clear ideas Christie, who admits “ I love being the center of attention. In front of men peering me or in front of a camera I’m perfectly at ease. I like to be in the spotlight. Her stage name comes from the female character of the playstation game “Dead or Alive”, for the physical resemblance and similar character: she is a relentless femme fatal, with an extraordinary sex appeal that puts you on the ground.” Christie adores Nylon, high-heels shoes (“my fans give me many gifts, most of all shoes, that I wear in my videos…for them this is the richest reward”) and she cares a lot about every little thing. “it’s the same attention to details that I found on Pink’O sets – she says – fine lingerie, make up, setting…everything at the highest levels”. On the set Christie holds nothing back and her image is faining a foothold in the universe of the Italian Adult Industry. I performed, among others with Luca Ferrero, Fausto Moreno, Dillon Day and George Lee. She was guest in an episode of the Italian Show “ Ciao Darwin” and also the show “ Top Secret” talked about her. And Pink’O as usual before all others offers you in exclusive the possibility of watching her in action. “ For my fans I’m unreachable…” But for all of you Christie Dom is within a “click” thanks to Pink’O sites! There is the room for a last confession: “ what I like in a man? A brilliant mind in a beautiful body…” Now her scenes are also on the new Pink’O site all dedicated to “Milfs”.


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