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From writer to pornstar…Blueangy tells us firsthand her debut in the the adult movie branded by Pink’O and about her first double penetration!

“My debut was with Franco Roccaforte, a real gentleman, a true professionist…” The wonderful Blueangy tell firsthand her experience on her first hard set of her life (branded by Pink’O) “What was missing in my professionalities in order to better understand the reality of the human sexuality, was an experience in the more and more pervasive, overpowering as well as more and more redeemed world of Porn. Taken note of this I made contact with a serious and qualified company operating in this field. A company that made of the production of high quality adult movie a refine, correct and professional activity. With my “credentials” it was not difficult to raise interest…The live meeting with the staff people has been very positive and this made me immediately at ease . Indeed I was a little bit anxious. Accroding to my most advanced and today more demanded porn exhibitions they asked me for anal and double penetrations…things that are not among my routine sexual acrobatics , anyhow I think that in the end this could be also useful also for my main activity of expert in sexuality. Actors have been really professional and gentle in every single thing to make the action as easier as possible for me. I was surprised by the fact that anal was more painful than double penetration. After an accurate make-up session and a general preparation we shot a scene by the swimming –pool at midday, under the June hot sun. My partner was a South American actor, Franco Roccaforte, with 20 years’ experience in porn. Brown, very funny and extremely professional. The second scene was in a bed with an actor from Prague and another one from L.A with whom we shot the double penetration scene. They were impeccable, gentle and professional. They all have been enthusiastic about me. They not only told me I’m beautiful, they all congratulate for my naturalness as if this was not my first experience and I have been doing that job since a long time. The American actor told me that I have a natural talent and if I would have started before now I would be surely a star in porn. Seeing the care and the attention with which a porn movie is made, I understood that is a form of art typical pop-culture of our time and over time people will recognize the naturalness which stays at its basis.

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