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From “ The butler of the Farnese” to “Cockbusters”, the tireless Roberta Farnese never stops…

She has an incredible legion of fans and a number of followers on the social networks growing exponentially. But the tireless Roberta, Italian Milf Icon, is always looking for new stumuli and ideas. She is really attentive to the newcomers, so much to have given them the possiblities to confront them and gain experience on her always so professional sets. And then her new sex scenes are always engaging and with a little humor that , as she always says, connects “ the real sex with fun and the joy of living” . Some examples? You just have to give a look to “the butler of the Farnese” where a robust young man has to satisfy Roberta’s cravings while her husband is busy in reading the newspaper (but once he has finished he will join them for a transgressive threesome. And also the original “Cockbusters”, where our beautiful Mrs Farnese, heavily armed is dealing with quite  odd ghosts. Here new special effects give that touch of innovation to a already explosive scene.Where can we find all Roberta Farnese’s productions?  Of course on her official website Only Pink’O is able to offer you in exclusive the unedited scenes of the most loved Italian Pornstars.

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