Beautiful Raphaella Ferrari, the new transsex star, joins the Pinko world!

Direct from the skilful hands of Andrea Nobili, Raphaella Ferrari’s first scene for PinkoTgirls

A splendid body, amazing breasts, an electrifying erotic vitality, and above all… magnificently equipped!

Raphaella Ferrari is the new transsex star, the most viewed on the web, the most searched for and the most loved. For its PinkoTgirls brand dedicated to lovers of “shemales”, it was obvious that Pinko just had to try to attract Raphaella, who’s proud to work with Italy’s number-one business in the adult entertainment world, and with Andrea Nobili, a master in his field.

At a fantastic location in the heart of Milan, Raphaella shows all her explosive eroticism!

Enjoy her new scene only on

19 - May - 2016

Tutti i nuovi video Pinko li trovi su:


06 - May - 2016

Pinko: the first Virtual Reality scenes are nearly here!

It’s happened again! Just like with Casinò 45, the first Italian adult movie filmed in 3D, Pinko keeps looking towards the future, and is always ready to invest in new technologies to satisfy the requests of its dedicated fans.

It couldn’t be any other way for Rudy Franca, Pinko’s soul and inspiration, and in fact in the hills of Romagna he’s just produced his first Virtual Reality scenes for the red-light movie market.

20 - April - 2016

Amandha Fox and Andrea Nobili, an explosive team!

Pinko is proud to present Amandha Fox’s latest scene, masterfully directed by Andrea Nobili, now available to coincide with the release of “Love in Belvedere”, Pinko’s first film in 4K resolution, starring the queen of Italy’s nightlife scene.

09 - March - 2016

Yukikon: The Italian pornstar who conquered Japan

Victoria Yuki and her story are so fascinating that we really couldn’t miss out on telling you about them!

“Yukikon” is an Italian pornstar who’s just 23, but in the Land of the Rising Sun she’s become a huge celebrity, just as much as any popstar, and she’s so famous that she only needs to autograph a pair of panties she’s worn, and her fans will buy them online for hundreds of euros!

13 - January - 2016

Starting from 2016 Amandha Fox, the undisputed queen of the Italian sexy "Movida" will be the contract girl of the prestigious adult content brand PINKO

It was already clear that something was in the air. For years, Italy’s number-one sweetheart Amandha Fox and Rudy Franca had been trying to meet up, they’d been courting each other, and they’d even briefly tried filming together, when Pinko commissioned a few short scenes featuring Amandha from Neapolitan director Max Bellocchio.Then, when he produced “Love il Belvedere”, filmed from start to finish in Positano and a coproduction with Francis Miskind’s French studio Blue One, Rudy Franca had absolutely no doubts about casting Amandha in the starring role.

16 - April - 2015

The new PinkoVOD is online!

Just a few months after launching our membership, we've dreamt up another great novelty for all Pinko fans! So here's for you, a new on-demand site where you'll be able to choose from hundreds of films, available in streaming or as direct downloads.

04 - March - 2015

"Mr. Scott's Vice", the new Pinko production

Get ready for a new not to be missed Pinko production doomed to leave its mark! We are talking about "Mr. Scott's Vice" (Il vizio di Mr. Scott).

20 - March - 2015

Pinko turns to 4K

You probably already have listened about this new technology, 4k, a standard more and more used for the broadcast and digital cinema resolution. In order you  understand the step forward made by the video quality, 4K is the same of  4 thousand horizontal pixesl, that is the double of HD standard still used by many producers.

17 - December - 2014

Max Bellocchio for Pinko

Pinko is eager to announce the cooperation with the world famous director: Max Bellocchio.
11 - December - 2014

The new Pinko membership site is online!

It's a time for big changes at Pinko. After revamping our brand, we're now proud to announce the launch of the new membership club, Italy's number 1 porn site!!With attractive graphic design and extremely easy to navigate, we guarantee that the new site will bring you unlimited access to Italy's most extensive and exclusive hardcore archive.

27 - November - 2014

It's official! Jarushka Ross is a Pinkogirl!

An explosive beauty impossible to escape from, a seductive pout and a breathtaking body, this is Jarushka Ross for you, a formidable Czech actress but now a naturalized Italian living in splendid Riccione. 

18 - November - 2014

New logo Pinko

As Pinko has announced in the last few months, there are a lot of changes, among which distibution deals with important international partners, new productions, new Pinko girls and now also a new logo.

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