Great Pink'o Production in the Romagna hills

We’re delighted to present "L’eredità di donna Matilde", the new Pink'o production shot in August at a fantastic location in the Romagna hills. A considerable commitment of work and resources, a significant economic investment, but above all a great satisfaction, because the result is very exciting.

The film features several interesting novelties, and in fact we’ve already told you about the return to the set of sensual Marina Mantero, the true Italian milf, who plays the sexy starring role of Matilde. Her co-star is the extraordinarily beautiful Alexandra Stein, in an absolute first time for Pink'o, who we're certain will fully conquer you from this film onwards with her explosive eroticism. The exclusive participation of Fernando Vitale and Andrea Nobili is completed by an international cast that includes Ian Scott, Chaty Heaven, Candy Alexa, Nataly Von, Christian Clay, Neeo and Tarzan.

What's the film about? Here's a short story outline.

The rich and sophisticated Alessandra (Alexandra Stein) inherits a country cottage from her uncle, but Matilde and her family already live there, by previous agreement with the dead uncle, so they don’t want to leave the house. Matilde tries to claim possession of the cottage because of her long occupation of it, aiming to become its sole owner, with the complicity of her lawyer Nobili (played by Andrea Nobili). The result is a succession of infidelities and betrayals with intriguing hot scenes. Patrizia (Chaty Heaven), the rich heiress's secretary, exploits all her talents for seduction to extract precious information from the lawyer's clerk that they use against Matilde. Alessandra seems to have won the struggle, but the ending reserves unexpected surprises…  

The film is due for release in early 2015, so now the countdown can start for our visit to the cottage of sins with all its stars, to enjoy the new and eagerly awaited Pink'o film.

09 - October - 2014
03 - October - 2014

Alexandra Stein is officially the new Pink'o Girl 2015

Pink'o strikes again, and does it with all the class and naturalness of an actress destined to become a truly great pornstar. Alexandra Stein

22 - May - 2014

United Against Piracy!

As we know only too well, legal boundaries are often very hazy. What lurks behind the behaviour of companies who provide services that are considered useful, is often much more devious than we imagine.

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